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Black Intellects
8th-Oct-2008 06:31 pm - Usiku: Eloquence
Title: Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance
Author: Usiku
Genre: Poetry, prose poetry, short stories
Pages: 103

Usiku's work is magnificently written. He has an amazing mastery of the English language, and his nature imagery is especially breathtaking. The poems and stories cover wide-ranging human universal themes such love, religion, nature and family, and are each boldly presented in a genuine, powerful African American voice.

His book is divided up into eight sections, each with its own broad theme. The short works range in length from poems of just a few lines, to stories a few pages long. Some works are humorous, while others will bring tears to your eyes. Even where his perspective and my own differ, I always found his words to be both passionate and thought-provoking.

These poems linger in your mind long after you put the book down. His are the sort of images that drift back into your mind days, even weeks later, when you least expect it, forming new connections in your spirit.

Some of my personal favorites are: "To: Natural, My Love" (a poem on the beauty of natural African curls), "Darkness Wings," "Buffalo Creek Crossing," "Why We Need Peach Trees & Kids," "Basic Needs & the 'N' Word," and the humorously, yet truthfully shocking "Some Dreams Seem So Real..."

Usiku's words reclaim, embrace and proclaim the beauty, power and dignity of the Black experience, and in so doing, reveal a deep and moving power to love and heal.

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10th-Aug-2008 01:57 pm - I'll miss you Isaac. :(

August 20, 1942-August 10, 2008

31st-Jul-2008 01:17 pm - African-Centered Sexuality

African-Centered Sexuality


The African-centered community is steeped in sexual dysfunction.  For all of our efforts to rid ourselves of European cultural, social, and spiritual norms, we have denied our sexual growth by blanketing everything under the assumption that anything other than heterosexual vaginal/penal intercourse is European and thus deemed “not African”.  When the African-centered community discusses sexuality, they are most often satisfied with making uninformed references to ancient sacred sexual texts from the East and asserting that those texts were stolen from Africa.  We are far from healthy when it comes to our perceptions of sexuality and we hold on to divisive, patriarchal, immature mindsets and defend them without seeking to expand our definitions, to redefine ourselves, to truly come to a place where we relinquish the shame and unhealthy belief systems we have been conditioned to accept.


17th-Jun-2008 01:53 pm - Greetings
Hello Everyone!

I am a senior stuyding Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Anthropology in the Midwest. I am currently working on my Honors Project for graduation and I am seeking intelligent Black and Africans to assist me in my research project.

The title of my project is "Face to Face, A Race Divided: Identifying Racial Tensions Between Black Americans and Black Africans."

If anyone is interestd in discussing some issues between Africans and Black Americans feel free to send me a message on LJ or email me at qos21040@ucmo.edu.

Basically, I want to know what are the beliefs and stereotypes you may have about Africans or Blacks (depending your heritage), where you learned those beliefs, your attitude toward the heritage that is not yours. I also am interested in knowing the term you feel is appropriate to refer to an African (someone born in African) and a Black American (someone born in the USA).

Thanks everyone. Feel free to add me as a friend or shoot me a message. I look forward in having awesome discussions with you all. Have a great day and take care!
Приветствую.....короч такая вещь :-)...... пока на торренте, потом планируется портал(сайт)... я выкладываю немецкий саунд.... почти все известные немецкие лейблы .....A.G.G.R.O., Ersguterjunge/Bushido, Optik Records, Sekten Muzik, Almassiva / Massiv, Hell Raisa / Streetlife, Amstaff,ILM, Hirntot и др. Немецкий саунд отличается своей жескостью и агрессией, но так же и без Есенин_ов не обошлось, без уличной лирики в нше время никуда! Поэтому какждый найдет там что-то свое ;-) http://torrents.ru/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1601977 тут список моих раздач. Правда чтоб вам попасть на страницу, прийдется зарегится и качнуть спец прогу ( которую можно будет качнуть на самом сайте)..... Все свежие релизы итд там есть, к примеру альбом Sido- ich und meine maske, Kaisa und Basstard - 666, Automatikk - Jenseits Von Eden уже вчера были там ;-) .... так что все добро пожаловать..... Если будут какие то предложения или пожелания, пишите рассмотрю ;-)

П.с. так же советую заскакивать ко мне в дневник( http://mein-sound.livejournal.com/ ), там будет инфа о новых релизах и новостях и обновлениях в моей раздаче!
30th-May-2008 12:56 am - The Democratic Nom?
So... I'm somewhat of a nerd when it comes to Election hype. And recently, I read in the Boston Globe that Nancy Pelosi others are not willing to let the fight for the Democratic Nomination go to the Convention. Someone even spoke of having a decision as early as next week. But now that the question has been drawn about the status of the Florida and Michigan delegates, it seems that process may be slowed down a bit.

Here's the article I spoke of: 5/29 Boston Globe

I just wanted to get a taste of other people's opinions. Now that Obama has seemingly taken the lead do you think he has also clinched the nom? Or is Clinton still a reputable threat - especially depending of the assignment of the delegates in question? If the battle does go until August, will it wound the Democratic campaign for the presidency?
livejournal bone marrow drives

Includes a clear straightforward explanation of:
Why more African-Americans are needed. 3:30
Why they are so hard to type 4:00

The interviewee is the CEO of the National Marrow Donor Program.

Please remind people about the Thanks Mom event. You can get typed for free during the year, but this is one of the easiest times to do so, especially for people who order online registration kits.

Two more days to go in this event, making US bone marrow registration even more convenient, including free online registration, until May 19th.

Online promo code: THXMGARDEN413500
12th-May-2008 03:17 pm(no subject)

What do these groups/ artists have in common besides legendary lyrical prowess?

They will all be on tour this summer with the ROCK THE BELLS TOUR!

Also appearing will be:

Immortal Technique
Raekwon, NAS, Dead Prez, Method Man, Red Man, Pharcyde,
Rakim, and many others. And yep not a female in the bunch. Not a one.

I am willing to brave just about anything including August Miami heat to see Tribe and Dela on the same stage. It's an old school dream come true!

The site


check it peeps.
heal emru
Emru Townsend needs our help. He has Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, and he and his family are hoping a compatible bone marrow donor registers in the unrelated database. Please consider cross-posting.

The person who is most likely to match Emru is someone with the same or similar ethnic background.

In the US, if you are one of the white patients and in need of a bone marrow transplant, 85 percent find a suitable donor. For black patients, that number falls to 60 percent.

In Canada, if you are one of the white patients and in need of a bone marrow transplant, 75 percent find a suitable donor. For everyone else, that number tumbles to 10-30% percent (I have not been able to find a breakdown by ethnicity for the latter group).

This includes people who receive transplants involving an international donor.

There are 500,000 registrants who identified as African-American in the US and if you think that this is large number of people, you are WRONG. They consider it a shortage. Because of the complexity of matching, hundreds of thousands of people are needed worldwide to find someone who is Emru's genetic twin in terms of their bone marrow. None of the 11 million people already in the worldwide database match Emru. He just needs to find one match somewhere who is registered.

If 30,000 people of African Caribbean descent registered in Canada, it would be a SHORTAGE. In Canada as of March 31, 2008, there are only 1633 black people registered as unrelated potential donors.

Heal Emru.

Break these four myths about bone marrow donation and registration. It is the first step to saving lives.Collapse )

If you have any questions or would like to know how you can help, PLEASE ask me. You can use comments, go to my Livejournal profile, or send me a message. This is my brother, but we have already met others in the same situation and know there are many others who we will never meet. Please tell others, especially if they are of African descent, moreso if they are from the Caribbean, because there are no registries in these countries, and tend to have more difficult typing, and further limiting the donor pool for all people of African descent.
14th-Mar-2008 05:44 am - is she for real?...
...or is this just lip service?

(Washington) Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did something Wednesday night that she almost never does. She apologized. And once she started, she didn't seem able to stop.

Earlier in the day, Hillary Clinton supporter and fundraiser Geraldine Ferraro gave up her honorary position with Clinton's campaign after she said in an interview last week that Obama would not have made it this far if he were white. Obama said Ferraro's remarks were "ridiculous" and "wrong-headed."
12th-Mar-2008 12:58 pm(no subject)
I see you
"He's a guy who had two handicaps: his blindness and his race. And he never made excuses for it," said civil rights leader Al Sharpton, a longtime friend. "He's the guy who has said, 'I have been in a minority group and a minority within a minority group. And I can make it, so don't give me no excuses.'"

You know, perhaps I'm overreacting (and it's possible, I've been feeling militant lately) and I understand the intent behind the statement...but personally, I find it rather distasteful for Rev. Sharpton to refer to being black as a handicap and equate to a physical disability.

Am I alone on this?

Full Article: Paterson May Be First Blind NY GovernorCollapse )
28th-Feb-2008 03:37 pm - Oprah and Freeganism
n   eed to le   t go 2NDAUGUST03
Did anyone watch Oprah show's yesterday featuring freegans? If you didn't, you can click here for a brief synopsis. I was actually shocked by the majority's response to freeganism and dumpster diving especially with recent advertisements promoting the new "Going Green" phenomenon. Why are people so opposed to reducing overconsumption? Is anyone here a freegan? I ask because during last night's segment on Oprah, I did not see any of "us" featured as part of this movement.

Also, I wrote an entry on my journal if you want to read it.

28th-Feb-2008 10:21 am - Obama Fundraising
There is an African American graphic artist here in Massachusetts who is doing online fundraising for Obama. I guess she is doing events aimed at other artists as well as general fundraising. I saw an exhibit of her photos of African American women and it was great. Anyway here is her link.:
24th-Feb-2008 09:15 pm - feet are neat
Can some please explain to me why when looking at pornography, black men almost always seem to be wearing NEW white socks, even when pushing their naked weiners in the pink.  And why is it so hard to see a white dude and a black chick that's not utterly demeaning to the poor girls...

anyway...I found some ilLUSTrations for my novel...

hey...writing erotica is my favorite kink...sad but true!
22nd-Feb-2008 06:31 pm - Barack Obama
it's a new youtube video...and i made it.


you should watch it....it has barack obama in it..... :D
22nd-Feb-2008 07:09 am - old photos
Does anyone have any old photos of their grandparent in front of their house, garden or farm?  Formal poses with children are very nice too.

I have a few from the jewish half of my family....but none from the other...I think my uncle got most of those and never shared them with my folks.  Family feuds just SUCK
17th-Feb-2008 04:34 pm - Black History Month?
does anyone else think that is a joke?
15th-Feb-2008 10:01 pm - Please sign this Petition!
I've seen a couple of places that Hillary is trying to re-do the campaign rules and get the Florida and Michigan votes. We have to wreck her flow.

Sign this petition to have the Clintons release their tax return and pass it around. I want to get 1 millions signatures before the debate Thursday.



EDIT: Wow! There are over 400 members in this group and I only have a total of 57 signatures???!!!! What are ya'll afraid of? Speak up or this country will be run by pigs!!!
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